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What Is Xanthan Gum in the Action of Mask

Xanthan gum has a wide range of uses, from the extraction of oil and gas, to medicines, food and beverages, personal care products, household products, and industrial products. It can be said that any water-based system that needs to adjust the rheological properties can find xanthan gum.

In addition, xanthan gum uses in skin care are not strange. Now there are hand sanitizer with xanthan gum, xanthan gum toothpaste, xanthan gum shampoo and so on. Next, I mainly introduce the xanthan gum in the mask.

1. Extraction of Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum-producing strains: Xanthan gum-producing strains belong to several species of Xanthomonas. At present, the strains used in industrial production are mainly Xanthomonas black rot in cabbage. In addition, Xanthomonas vulgaris and Xanthomonas mallow Bacteria and carrot xanthomonas can also be used as fermentation bacteria.

In comparison, the cost of recovering products from fermentation broth is higher. Generally, the components in the final fermentation broth are: xanthan gum: 10-30L, cells: 1-10g/L, residual nutrients 3-10L, and other metabolites. Due to the presence of high concentration of xanthan gum, the solution concentration is very large, which increases the difficulty of the extraction operation. Therefore, it is advisable to do the dilution treatment first. The main steps of extraction include precipitation of cells, precipitation, dehydration, drying, and grinding of xanthan gum.

2. The role of xanthan gum in the mask

The xanthan gum in the mask mainly has a thickening effect, plays a role in skin water absorption, and has a moisturizing effect on the skin. Xanthan gum is a good functional skin-beautifying and moisturizing product with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-bacterial properties. Moisturizing effect.

Xanthan gum is often used in beauty products, it will play a certain viscosity effect. Viscosity thickeners can increase the viscosity of the mask, give the mask a sticky touch, and make the mask look thicker. Adding a viscosity thickener makes the mask seemingly more nutrition, and it can also prevent the essence from flowing on the body. In fact, this does not have much effect on skin care, just to make it better. At present, there are 39 kinds of thickeners approved for use in China, and all thickeners are pro- Aqueous polymer compounds, also called hydrosols.

The main viscosity thickener components used in facial masks are carbomer, xanthan gum, hydroxyethyl cellulose, acrylics, etc. Viscosity thickeners are the main components that cause the mask to feel sticky. It is also an important reason for users to rub mud after using the mask.

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