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Deosen Products in Oil Drilling Applications

Application of Zibozan® Xanthan Gum in Drilling, Workover, and Completion

Deosen Zibozan® oil drilling grade Xanthan Gum is an efficient, high-quality, and environmentally friendly oil drilling mud additive with a wide range of applications. It has a strong resistance to temperature (≥94℃), acid, alkali, and salt. It can significantly improve the mud permeability and the ability to suspend solids. It can stabilize the good wall and reduce the damage to the reservoir, thereby significantly improving the efficiency of drilling, workover, and completion with the use of Deosen Zibozan® Xanthan Gum drlling chemicals. Professional manufacture Deosen provides our clients with satisfied oil drilling xanthan gum, with both quality and quantity assurance.

Deosen Zibozan® Xanthan Gum Used in Oil and Gas Drilling Engineering

At a certain shear rate, the greater the concentration of oil drilling xanthan gum hydrosol solution, the higher the viscosity it is, and the stronger the non-Newtonian it is. The increase in temperature will reduce the viscosity of the system. When the temperature returns to the initial temperature, the viscosity returns to 70%-80% of the initial viscosity; when the pH value is 6~7, the viscosity is the largest; when the shear rate is 1~100s-1, the viscosity drops sharply. When the shear rate is 100~500s-1, the viscosity drops slowly; the system rheological model conforms to the Herschel-Bulkley equation; the system has obvious shear thinning and low thixotropy. In oil and gas drilling engineering, low concentration (0.1%~0.7%) xanthan gum hydrosol fluid can meet the needs of drilling, completion fluid viscosity increase, fluid loss reduction, and flow pattern improvement.

Application of Zibozan® Xanthan Gum in Offshore Drilling

Zibozan® Xanthan Gum has good temperature and salt resistance and good shear dilation and particle suspension effects. Therefore, it is an ideal mud additive for offshore drilling. It can remain stable for a long time under saturated brine and 85 degrees Celsius temperature. Therefore, it is an ideal oil-displacing agent in high-temperature and high-salt oil fields.

Application of Deosen Zibozan® Xanthan Gum in Special Oilfield Environment

In complex geological conditions and severe sand production areas in eastern area oilfields, the application of new technology and Deosen Zibozan® Xanthan gum for overall block adjustment, which can achieve "increased oil and water control". It can greatly increase the oil recovery rate and bring certain economic and social benefits. 

Application of DUO‐VIS/SUPER‐VIS Xanthan Gum in  Drilling

DUO‐VIS/SUPER‐VIS xanthan gum is a high‐molecular‐weight biopolymer used for increasing the carrying capacity of water‐based drilling fluids. DUO‐VIS/SUPER‐VIS biopolymer has the unique ability to produce a fluid that is highly shear‐thinning and thixotropic.

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