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Deosen's main brands include- "Ziboxan®" and "Zibozan®". Deosen owns the largest xanthan gum market share worldwide for many years. It has obtained many science and technology awards from the local city, autonomous region, and also from China Food Additives Association.

In recent days, Deosen launches the new product Welan gum which is a water-soluble bio colloid for oil recovery as an oil-displacing agent and a water-retaining agent that applies in concrete. Another new product- DSTA gum which has excellent cohesiveness, stable water retention function, good compatibility with Calcium salts, and silicates, compatible with polycarboxylic acid water reducers.

Deosen strives to improve its operations, manage scientifically, and improve its brand to become the pioneer in the industry of water-soluble biocolloids. Looking to the future, Deosen will reach its goals by leading the trends in this industry and adhering to its service philosophy-customer first, human, and perfection oriented. In the meantime, Deosen insists on doing business with integrity principles, making changes through innovations, and paying the highest concerns on charities to societies.

Deosens Business License
Deosens  Certificate
Production of Non GM Xanthan Gum
Deosens HALAL Certificate
SGS for Xanthan Gum
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KOSHER Certisfication
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