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Introduction to Deosen Quality Control

The Quality Department of Deosen Biochemical (Ordos) Ltd. is an independent department under the direct management of the general manager, It is responsible for the inspection and acceptance of raw materials and auxiliary materials, process control, finished product inspection, and the operation and management of the quality management system and food safety management system. The quality department has a laboratory of more than 1,000 square meters which is equipped with advanced inspection and testing equipment. The inspectors are all certified to perform all tests in accordance with the requirements of the customers, national and international standards of the product. It can also meet the special testing needs of customers. Most staffs in this department have ISO9001, ISO22000, BRC, MUI HALAL, and other system internal auditor qualifications, which ensure the efficient operation of Deosen quality management system, food safety management system, and special product management system.

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