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Application of Xanthan Gum in Food

Xanthan gum food additives have been accepted by many countries. It has become an important stabilizer, suspending agent, emulsifier, thickener, binder and processing raw material with high added value and high quality in the fields of beverages, cakes, jelly, canned food, seafood and meat products processing. It can be summarized as the following aspects.

1) Acid and salt-resistant food thickening stabilizer

Xanthan gum's excellent salt resistance, acid and alkali resistance can completely replace the traditional thickener starch in soy sauce. It can overcome the shortcomings of starch precipitation, and can make soy sauce fine and uniform, improve wall-hanging and coloring properties, and extend shelf life. For jam, bean paste and other flavored sauces, xanthan gum is used as a thickening stabilizer to make the sauce uniform, good mixing, non-caking, easy to fill, and improve the taste.

2) Food emulsifier

Xanthan gum can be used as an emulsifier in various protein beverages and milk beverages to prevent oily water layer and improve protein stability, prevent protein precipitation, and can also use its emulsifying ability as a foaming agent and foam stabilizer.

3) Food filler

As a stable high-viscosity filler, xanthan gum food additives can be widely used in the processing of various snacks, breads, biscuits, candies and other foods. Without changing the traditional flavor of the food, the food has a superior shape retention. Sex, longer shelf life and better taste are conducive to the diversification and industrial-scale production of these foods. .

4) Food emulsion stabilizer

Used as an emulsion stabilizer in frozen foods, xanthan gum food additives in ice cream and ice cream can adjust the viscosity of the mixture to make it have a uniform and stable composition, soft tissue, and improve the freeze-thaw stability of the product. When melted, the cream and water are evenly mixed, and there will be no slurry separation. The general aging time is 2~3h. The dosage is 0.2% to 0.4%.

5) Food adhesive

Xanthan gum can cross-link some water-soluble powder substances, such as sodium alginate, casein, methyl cellulose and polyethylene glycol cellulose sodium salt, to make a binder. This adhesive is used in food processing to improve texture and increase film-forming properties.

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