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Zibozan® DSTA Gum

Zibozan® DSTA

Zibozan® DSTA

DSTA gum is a new type of microbial polysaccharide which is newly launched by Deosen's years of experience in stabilizer production. DSTA's excellent viscosity adjustment performance, suspension capacity, and excellent performance-price ratio have been accepted and recognized by customers around the world. The launch of this new product shows that Deosen has been in a leading position in the field of colloid field. Over the years, Deosen has relied on its strong technical supports, researches, and development to continuously introduce new products, it strives to introduce new products in the industry. Deosen will continue to develop new products and highlight new features in the future.

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Viscosity adjustment and water retaining agent in concrete


Without adding DSTA gum

After adding DSTA gum

Serious segregation of concrete

Concrete spreads evenly

Without Adding DSTA GumAfter Adding DSTA Gum

Drilling mud viscosity adjustment

DSTA gum has a large number of hydrophilic groups, which can be adsorbed on clay particles. It can form a network structure and interact with water to form an adsorption hydration film which increases the viscosity of the mud by its long molecular chains. DSTA gum will increase the shear force and reduce hole wall filtration, strong suspension ability can effectively ensure that the mud has enough capacity to carry sands and cuttings, and ensure that the hole wall will be safely drilled, and prevents hole wall collapse.

Paint water-based tackifier

DSTA gum obviously improves the stability of the paint, prevents the pigments and fillers from sinking and agglomerating. It can avoid the undesirable effects of paint layering after opening the package. The excellent pseudo-plasticity of DSTA gum saves manpower and reduces labor intensity due to the decrease in viscosity when the coating is rolled and brushed at a high shear rate. After brushing, the shearing force is eliminated and the original viscosity is restored so that the thick film does not sag, there will no drips or splashes during brushing and roll coating. At the same time, the excellent water retention effect delays the film loss rate and it will make the brush surface larger. Adding DSTA gum to the paint can greatly improve the workability, leveling, and storage stability of the product.

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