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Gellan Gum

Gellan Gum

Deosen Biochemical (Ordos) Ltd. has a long history of stabilizer production. In 2021, Deosen launches a new product---high acyl gellan gum. High acyl gellan gum is a white to cream-colored powder with a unique fragrance of the fermented product. It is a kind of polysaccharide macromolecular substance, which is produced by gram-negative bacterium pseudomonas sucrose and glucose. It's a new type of microbial extracellular polysaccharide which is produced by carbon source through deep aeration fermentation methods.

It has the advantages of low application dosage, high transparency, strong aroma release ability, acid resistance, and enzyme resistance.

The excellent characteristics are as follows:

1. Good dispersion and hydration characteristics:

Gellan gum can be evenly dispersed in cold water. After heating, it will hydrate with water molecules to form an aqueous solution.

2. Excellent thickening and stability performance.

The formed gel is softer and has excellent elasticity than the gel which is formed by low acyl gellan gum; it is resistant to acid and alkali and to enzymatic hydrolysis.

3. The gel is reversible.

It has thermal reversibility and shear reversibility. When the temperature of the gellan gum solution drops to the gel temperature, a gel is formed immediately, and when the temperature is higher than the gel temperature, a disorderly curl is formed in the water.

4. It has good pseudoplastic rheology.

It has the characteristics of shear thinning, giving the product a good taste.

5. It has low protein reaction and acid stability.

6. Melting point adjust-ability.

The type and concentration affect the melting point of gellan gum. Divalent cations have a stronger influence on gel formation than monovalent cations.

7. Histocompatibility and recombination.

It has good compatibility with other hydrophilic colloids.

8. It has good freeze-thaw resistance and film-forming properties.

Application of Gellan Gum

High acyl gellan gum is softer than low acyl gellan gum, it has good water retention and elasticity. It can endow food with pleasant texture and tastes, it exhibits good flavor release characteristics. High acyl gellan gum can usually be used in combination with other food colloids which can obtain the best sensory, texture, and stability. Although gel-type food glues such as carrageenan and agar have similar gel characteristics to gellan gum, high-acyl gellan gum has advantages in flavor release, acid stability, thermal reversibility, anti-aging, and application dosage.

High acyl gellan gum has unique soft and elastic gel properties, it can be used in jelly, jam, dairy-based pudding, coffee milk, drinks, and sweets. It has good rheology at low concentration and can play a good suspension effect which can be used in beverages (especially suspended pulp and cocoa powder), dairy products, ice cream, and fillings.

High acyl gellan gum has incomparable application advantages in dairy products: It has compatibility with casein and low reactivity, it does not form a wall-like low acyl gellan gum. Therefore, it has excellent application advantages in yogurt. The adhesive properties make it can be used in frosting; the water-retention capacity makes it can be used in cakes and cheeses to achieve moisturizing, freshness, and shape retention effects.

In addition, gellan gum can be used in eye drops, soft and hard capsules, microcapsules, and coating agents in the pharmaceutical industry; in the chemical industry, it is widely used in coatings, adhesives, toothpaste additives, etc. It can be used for leaf fertilizer and slow-release fertilizer in agriculture.

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